If your business is based in an industrial unit, it’s likely that you will have roller shutters installed. These can be slow to open and close, causing a great deal of frustration and inconvenience. Rapid roll doors are the answer, and here are four common applications where they can prove to be an effective solution:


If you’re responsible for keeping items cool, such as refrigerated food, medical supplies and chemicals, opening traditional shutter doors can let in a significant amount of heat, risking the quality of your stock. The introduction of high speed roller doors can prevent significant amounts of heat from entering your unit, keeping your goods as cold as they need to be.


If you run a recycling facility, particularly if you’re in a residential area or a shared industrial park, it is important to keep odours to a minimum. Roller shutters are traditionally slow to open and close, which means that any odours from the recycling you have inside can easily escape to the outside world. This isn’t pleasant, and may cause conflict with your neighbours. To prevent this from happening, speak to us to find out how high speed shutters can solve your problems.


Conversely, if you work in a food production area, you may want to keep things out of your premises. Slow moving shutter doors can leave enough time for vermin to enter your premises, compromising your health and safety and risking the reputation of your business. High speed shutter doors can keep your production areas free from pests, and can also help to regulate the internal temperature of the area.


High speed shutter doors can provide many benefits to businesses operating in residential areas. Odour prevention has already been mentioned, but is particularly pertinent if you have people living close by. They can also help to prevent noise pollution, which can disturb residents and cause conflict, and can ensure that any harmful substances (e.g. chemicals) are well contained within the four walls of your premises.