High Speed Doors are used in many different types of industries including food, agricultural and recycling. But when it comes to buying rapid doors for your facility, being a bit more informed about what should you should be looking for and considering will definitely help you make the right purchase.

Fast action doors are used a lot in busy facilities that have areas with a great deal of traffic and those that need environmental control. These kinds of facilities require doors that open and close automatically and have tight seals when shut, so here are some things you should consider before making your purchase:


  • Just how fast is the door? High speed doors of good quality should be able to operate very smoothly when running at 2m/sec plus speeds, so ask about the speeds of the door
  • What will the maintenance requirements be for the rapid doors? Ask how many cycles the high speed doors will give you before they require a service check. Between the service checks you should expect at least 30,000 cycles. Choose a door that can maintain its standards in a high use operation
  • How tight are the seals? This is so important in facilities such as food or recycling, where smell can be an issue in the environment and will need to be contained
  • Will the type of rapid door you are considering function well in your facility? Cold storage facilities and areas where the climate may be very hot for example will require high speed doors that are able to function well in those conditions
  • Does the supplier of the rapid doors provide service and support locally? Check what is included and if the service and maintenance is extra ensure you know what the costs are


Any supplier of industrial or commercial high speed doors should have the knowledge, background and experience to be able to answer questions on this and any other type of rapid doors. Your purchase should be of a benefit to your business and the high performing rapid doors which Avalon Doors & Awnings Limited provide will be just that.