If you require a garage door repair, simply give us a call with the name of your garage door manufacturer (if possible). This can often be found either on the external door handle, an internal sticker or your original garage door invoice. Give us a brief description of what happened to the door. This is usually enough information for us to know what part you will need, at which point we will provide you with a quotation for the part and repair. In most cases we should be able to get an engineer out to you that day. Don’t worry if you don’t know the name of the manufacturer or the nature of the problem. A simple site visit by us is always possible and in most instances we will have the relevant garage door parts stocked on our vans.

garage door repairs on all garage types

Common Manufacturers

We supply and install garage door repair parts for Hörmann, Henderson, Cardale, Garador, King and Wessex garage doors. Other door manufacturers can be sourced, but will normally involve an overnight delivery to ourselves.

Some of the most common garage door repairs are snapped or frayed cables. This is a very common problem, but is easily repaired. Broken or snapped springs. Worn or damaged roller spindles which often go unnoticed. This usually leads to more strain being put on the garage door cables which then snap. Damaged garage door locks or lost keys.