High speed doors open & close far quicker than a standard roller shutter or sectional overhead door, making them ideal for industrial or commercial premises.

Could high speed doors give your business a competitive advantage?

High-speed doors have many applications, and can be utilised by businesses across a huge range of sectors. They can be operated in various ways, using remote controls, push buttons, cords and even radar sensors – ensuring there will be an option to suit your company’s requirements. There are a number of benefits to having high-speed doors fitted internally and externally, and here are just a few of them:

Preventing heat transfer

Organisations that work with food or need to keep a steady ambient temperature in particular rooms can turn to high-speed doors. Their use can ensure that temperatures remain as near to constant as possible, while access remains unhindered. For example, cold storage facilities need to be kept below a particular temperature, but once an entrance has been opened the temperature of that room will rise as a result of convection. The use of a high-speed doorway can reduce the amount of time the cold storage is exposed to higher external temperatures, and as a result, reduce the amount of electricity needed to maintain the room’s temperature. What’s more, high-speed doors can be constructed to act as excellent insulators, providing an effective barrier between two environments.

high speed doors preventing heat transfer

high speed doors reducing noise, odour and particle transfer

Noise, odour and particle transfer.

In the same way as high-speed doors can prevent hot or cold air escaping from a room, they can also help to prevent the transfer of noise, odours and airborne particles. In a building dealing with food preparation, it may not be desirable to have cooking smells permeate the whole of the workplace. In a recycling environment, high-speed doors can help to prevent dust and other airborne particles escaping into other sections of the facility. In many industries, noise is an issue and workers may need to wear personal protective equipment in order to reduce the risk to their hearing. By installing high-speed doors, loud noises can be contained to particular areas of the workplace, reducing inconvenience and improving safety in other areas of the building.

Quiet and Stable

As well as helping to contain noise in a particular section, high-speed doors can also be designed to create minimal noise themselves. This may be necessary to ensure safety in certain work environments.

What’s more, these entrances can also be fitted with wind protectors to guard against strong draughts that could otherwise potentially affect reliability. High-speed doors are not only capable of improving efficiency, their use can also reduce costs and give businesses a competitive advantage.

Of course, it is necessary to purchase equipment from a reputable manufacturer in order to be sure of quality and effectiveness. Further benefits include: Quick access or exit. Fantastic environmental control. Lower your heating costs. Improve your carbon footprint. Better vermin prevention.