Avalon Doors and Awnings supply and install highly versatile and secure sectional overhead doors in Preston, Blackpool, Lytham St Annes, Chorley, Blackburn, Garstang, Fleetwood, Lancaster and Southport. In fact if a road leads there, we’ll fit there!

Fantastic in all weather!

Our sectional overhead doors are highly resistant to any weather condition. They also provide incredible insulation and security. Our sectional overhead door panels are made from steel with a foam insulated core. Vision panels can be installed to provide a view in or out of the building. By taking current building regulations into consideration our doors can ultimately save our clients hundreds of pounds in energy savings.

Great for agricultural buildings and industrial units.

Sectional overhead doors are the ideal solution for farm buildings and industrial units with excellent security, great resistance to strong winds and unbeatable thermal qualities. With a wide range of available colours to match your existing cladding, you won’t be disappointed with a sectional overhead door.

closed industrial sectional door

manual or electric industrial sectional overhead door

Manual or electric operation.

Our Sectional overhead doors can be supplied in either manual hand chain operation or three phase electric, operated via a three button switch. Electrically operated doors are supplied as standard with a manual override hand chain for use in the event of a power failure.

How industrial section overhead doors can work for your business…

It is vital for all businesses, regardless of the sector they operate in, to have safe, strong and secure access points to their premises. This is especially true in the agriculture industry, where there are many specific considerations to bear in mind. Strict temperature controls may be required if foodstuffs are being stored, and security is often of high importance due to the presence of expensive machinery and specialist tools. Making sure you are aware of your company’s specific requirements will make the process of selecting the correct type of industrial sectional overhead door much easier.

sectional overhead door from inside

Security with sectional overhead doors

Security is one of the main considerations when people are investing in industrial sectional overhead doors for agriculture operations. When vehicles and machinery are being stored on site, such as tractors, bailers, wood chippers or combines, protecting these assets needs to be of primary concern. Tough sectional doors are usually made of steel, aluminium or a combination of the two materials. The overall design lends itself to increased security as the sections of the door come together behind a steel framework, resulting in considerable lateral resistance. A suitable anti-lift locking system will work in tandem with the design to keep intruders out. Sectional overhead doors also open vertically, meaning more usable space is available in the building, perhaps allowing additional vehicles or equipment to be stored securely.

Controlled environments

Many businesses in the agriculture sector need access to buildings with controlled environments in order to maintain the quality of crops once harvested. Industrial sectional overhead doors can be insulated to meet industry standards and door seals, which form part of the overall construction and will help to create an environmental control barrier and maintain conditions within the building. As a result, sectional overhead doors are ideal for use on the entrances to warehouses and storage facilities where it is necessary to maintain certain temperature and protect perishable goods.


Sectional overhead doors are built to withstand heavy use, so there is no need to worry about the mechanism lasting. The presence of strong sealing strips can provide excellent protection against the elements, in particular strong winds and rain. It is also quite possible to have multiple windows built into the design of industrial sectional overhead doors. This allows maximum natural light to flood the building, while retaining the benefits of security, environmental control and noise suppression – a potentially significant problem when buildings are located in high-traffic areas on agricultural sites.

white roller garage doors


As always, it is important to buy industrial sectional overhead doors from a reputable manufacturer, and ideally one that offers a comprehensive aftersales policy should your doors need maintenance work carried out in the future.